Project – Simply Regex

Project Simply Regex is an API to provide a simpler builder API library to build complex regex pattern. Simply regex builder achieves below goals.


  • Simple & easy to understand way to build regex.
  • Readable code representing regex being built with functional programming style chained methods.
  • Inbuilt character escaping wherever needed.
  • Powerful extension libraries like simply-regex-datatype


Currently only Java & Java based languages are supported. In future further languages may be supported.

Guides & Examples:

Simply Regex Quick Start

Simply Regex Examples

User Guide (In progress):

Extension Libraries:

Simply Regex Extensions

Source Code Repository:

Maven/Gradle/Ivy repository:

Refer Release Page

License: Apache 2.0

Support the effort:

If you wish the support the effort, motivate for upgrading/developing this API further , advise/suggest features etc. then you can reach us through comments on this site or use form in  Contact Us. You can also add issues in


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