Apache commons compress | TAR, GZip, BZip2, XZ, Snappy, Deflate Examples | un-GZip, UnTar Examples

In this article we will go through some examples using Apache commons compress for TAR, GZip, BZip2, XZ, Snappy, Deflate.

Examples in this article:

  • Simple TAR with files, directory & sub directory or sub folders.
  • Use above TAR & compress further using GZip, BZip2, XZ, Snappy, Deflate.
  • UnGZip and UnTar files/folders.

Dependency (maven, gradle, ivy etc.)


Project structure (Basic maven project)

  • compress-me –> Folder to compress. Files range from 5 MB to 12 MB.
  • output –> output folder

Create TAR file from folders, sub folders

GZip from existing TAR file

BZip2 from existing TAR file

XZ from existing TAR file

Snappy from existing TAR file

Deflate existing TAR file


Here are the files created through above programs.

Here is the GZIP file opened in compression software.

UnGZipping and UnTaring

Below are the ungzipped and untared content.

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