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All Java Releases, features and examples

Examples with Javadoc

Go through lots & lots of examples in javadoc style. Examples will cover for all classes in Java & all methods in those classes arranged by packages & classes. Also refer javadoc for those methods right there besides examples.

Go to Javadoc+Examples

Go to Package & Classes Tree for Javadoc+Examples

RegEx Buider Tool

Regex Builder Tool is a free online tool that provides a very simple & easy way to generate RegEx using plain & simple English. You can build regular expression quickly & test it against expected text.

Its as easy as below steps

  • Provide how you want your RegEx to be, using simple English phrases from auto suggestions.
  • Tool will build Regular Expression as per the query provided.
  • Provide a test input & verify that generated RegEx is finding/matching your expected text.
  • Copy Regex & use it wherever you need !

CSS in Action

Watch, understand & learn CSS directly in action in your browser with code on the side. Animated learning of CSS through online tool as described in this article about CSS in Action. Here is direct link to the tool CSS in Action.


This is the list of current projects that are actively being developed / maintained.

Simply Regex

Project – Simply Regex

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